Monday, July 14, 2008

24th Set, July 2008

The "Juice To Get Loose To" record is more or less done. It'll be out in August, you can watch the first video for it here!

I've been spending some time in Seattle and the Seattle area lately so that's been kind of weird and offered me some different perspectives at life etc. I appreciate Los Angeles even more as home now though after having been flying back and forth to and from there. I'm working on some top secret stuff up there that everyone will sooner or later be privy to.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos and recommend me some good books to read on the plane. I like going in planes now frequently because it's an excuse for me to read more and elevate my mind. I just finished reading Kafka's "Trial" and I'm going to read Animal Farm and some other classics that I never got a chance to read because I went to high school in Russia where they beat us every day and didn't let us read. I'm joking about both.

A lofi book might still be a possibility, if the demand is high enough for it.