Wednesday, February 21, 2007

8th Set, February 2007

LA HEAT is out!!! yes that means you can now get your copy @ or through my myspace page. i'm going to try to start limiting the amount of pictures i put up here, i.e. i'm thinking max 20 per series. yeah that's pretty good. all right, stay up on the LOFI and stay up on the los angeles hotness, plus keep it worldwide. enjoy series 8!

love, ivan

Thursday, February 8, 2007

7th Set, February 2007

series 7 is here! 7 used to be my favorite number when i was a kid. then it changed to 9, obviously because that was nick van exel's number - my favorite childhood sports hero. since then i've given up watching sports, and could really give a fuck less about them. that obviously makes me an asshole to a lot of people, and cuts my ability of being able to have small talk about sports with people significantly. oh yeah, i did it all. football, basketball, soccer, even hockey. never baseball though. always hated baseball.

around the time i was 17 years old i gave up on sports (watching them), along with watching TV in general. it was taking up too much of my time, and i have too much to do before i die. anyway, point of the matter is - i'm not sure i have a favorite number anymore. although, the number 26 does have a lot to do with my life now - as you'll see in the photos in this edition of ivan ives lofi.

also, we have a new roommate monica, but i have yet to capture any embarassing photos of her. only time will tell. ALSO, this is a very important historic series in the ivan ives lofi blog because, drumroll, i've added watermarks to the photos now. i really, really didn't want to... but unfortunately some photo stealing made it necessary. yes of course people can still steal the photos and chop off the bottom, but i'll be able to tell because every single one of these photos is 600 x 480 resolution, and you pieces of shit trying to steal my shit are going to pay with cold blood. sorry, that was some anger poking through there. when i get mad, i start to see black spots and my head gets very light, i almost feel like i'm floating, and then the overwhelming feeling of destroying things runs through my body and i lose it.

but hey enough of that. LA Heat is done and up for pre-sale. today was the first day of orders and it went pretty well, so i'm happy about that. i don't have the actual albums yet, but i got some proofs the other day, which i'm starting today's blog off with. should have the albums back in a day or two and then we'll start sending those pre-orders out.

enjoy the lofi...