Thursday, April 2, 2009

30th Set, April 2009

Things have been pretty busy, sorry I haven't hit you with much LOFI lately.

The Villain video has been released, and I must say it's stirring up some chaos in this piece. Thank you to those that love it and an even bigger thank you to those that hate it. It just got featured on Yahoo!MUSIC's "New Videos" front page, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

Being featured on Yahoo! nowadays is like maybe being featured on MTV2 back in 2003, so it's a pretty great step in the right direction. I think I heard something about MTV making a new channel that shows videos again, but not sure.

Anyway, check out the Villain video here if you haven't already:

In other news, NEWSPEAK is being released on 05.19.09!!! It'll be available for pre-sale @ very soon... and of course the Villain single is available on iTunes, amazonMP3, and a bunch of other websites. Go check it out and support.

I have a show @ the USC springfest this Saturday, and then some shit in Portland and Humboldt in April (The Oregon Convention Center May 15-17 & The Red Fox on May 29). Stop by my MySpace page and say whatup; call me old-fashioned but that's still the social networking site of choice for me. Get at me.

And look out for the new Noci album, coming out on No Threshold Records. He is the first artist in an all-new roster line-up we have coming to NTR!!!