Tuesday, May 6, 2008

21st Set, May 2008

Hello. The following Set is a collection of this entire past month of extravaganzas and lots of tomfoolery; actually no tomfoolery. Remember when I used the word tomfoolery on the old hit "NICE" on LA HEAT EP? Those were fun days, kind of. I've been in the studio with some important people working on the new record, which actually probably will not come out til 2009. BUT I will have some other projects, EPs, and even group LPs (hint hint) out before then so you can get your fix. But just wait for the new ii shit it's going to be incredible, I promise.

This set documents just a TINY PIECE of the NEW ENGLAND tour... because there is actually a VIDEO on the way right now that documented the entire trip QUITE well... so you will just have to watch out for that video coming soon to a YouTube near you. Check the myspace.com/ivanives page to stay updated on that. Also there is a track up on my MySpace page right now that I did with Stacy Clark you should check it out if you haven't already.

Okay. Happy day after Cinco de Mayo. <3, Ivan.