Saturday, August 30, 2008

25th Set, August 2008

Seattle & Midwest

Back from the Midwest Tour. I've spent a lot of time in Seattle lately, also. It's hard to limit my amount of photos to just the ones I really like, but here is a new set for you guys. Doesn't fully explain the details of the tour.. I'm saving that for the TOUR VIDEO.. which will be up soon, I just have to get to editing it amongst all the other stuff that's going on.

Most of you know that I got featured on MySpace the other week and that shit helped the JUICE TO GET LOOSE TO album blow up proper. It's done and pumpin, you can get it at or on my MySpace page. Also the first ever music video cartoon has been featured on the front page of so you can go watch that also:

As of right now it has about 45,000 views, which is more than any other MUSIC VIDEO I've put out on YouTube etc. so that's pretty exciting. Big ups to Superstar Cartoons.

But yeah. Tour was fun, you'll see more when the video is posted. Also go on YouTube and type in "Ivan Ives Amelie A Milli Remix" and prepare yourself to be entertained. Haha. Back to work.