Wednesday, October 15, 2008

26th Set, October 2008

San Fran/Boston/Vermont/NYC

Careful, the photos you're about to enjoy are extremely hot. I went on a very strange tour that included San Francisco, Boston, Vermont, and in a way NYC. In a way some of the things I did were repeats, and I hate doing repeats, but in a way some things were different and new. It was a very strange experience and I didn't travel with a team like I usually do so it reminded me how depressing and lonely life actually is 90% of the time. And with the shitty economy right now and no money floating around like there was earlier this year, times are definitely hard for everyone. Nevertheless I hope you're buying all my records on a regular basis!! ;)

It always amazed me though, how large of an industry travel is. Airports take so many people to run it's kind of insane. And this year I've spent way too much time at airports and traveling all over the place. I'm an expert at the security gates now, got it all locked down and taken care of. Easy peasy nice and cheesy. There's a new music video for that old instrumental track on "Deus Ex Machina" - called DE FACTO - and you can watch it here:

What would we do without YouTube? I hardly remember life before any of this shit. It's made things so much better yet also just so much incredibly worse I think. Don't think, just be. I think some sort of philosopher said that. Well fuck that guy too. Think and Be and drink Tea, African Nectar tea is especially delicious and has no caffeine in it so it's pretty good for you. If your eye is ever bothering you just boil some hot tea and put some tea on your eyeball (closed eyeball) and your eye will feel better. I had a stye a little while ago and that's basically how I cured it. Black ceylon tea squeezed into my eye kind of. Not like that but you get the picture.

I was thinking about having another LOFI exhibition somewhere (remember the one I had @ Downbeat Cafe in LA?). We'll see if it works out or not. I'd like to get some of my newer work up there, but a lot has been going on. Been working on the new album a lot etc etc. It's going to be pretty fucking awesome I do believe so. Fresh has been making fire and there are going to be some pretty great guests on the album. Get ready for it, slutbags and bagsluts alike.

Oh yeah, wasn't this supposed to be a photo blog? Sometimes in the middle of the night I begin to type while in a delirious state and this is what happens. Enjoy the photos, I'm getting weirder with my personal requirements and standards for the lofi photographs it seems from just looking at them. I'm not sure where my mind has gone, but it's either a very great or a very horrible thing.