Thursday, June 28, 2007

13th Set, June 2007

LOFI is back baby! It's back!!! A lot of shit has happened.. basically my phone was broken/gone for a period of time and hence the photos were as well. But I got a new one and basically started over again with my lofi tyrantry (word? or no).. seems like starting over anyway. I've been working in Downtown & Pasadena as well as just from Frogtown Los Angeles working away at my new album which I think is a masterpiece and the best one yet.. Due out SEPTEMBER 25th on No Threshold Records. That's right, mark your calendars.. mark em good.

But yeah I sprained my ankle, as you'll see in the first picture.. did a lot of film shoots, have been in the studio 4-5 nights a week, sleeping only a few hours a night.. but the album is finally done and off being printed etc. etc.

I'm reporting to you live from Baltimore, Maryland.. shit is crazy out here. Really humid so far, basically all I've done so far though is rested up. But yeah expect a new LOFI massacre detailing my trip here... and then New York... and then yes, Vegas.